We are proud to work with Melissa Sue Labrador in the official design of our logo. Read the official release here.

Under the direction of her father Todd, Melissa has been working closely as an apprentice to the Mi’kmaw style birch bark canoe building since 2003. It is her dream to one day follow in her father’s footsteps of the preservation of traditional art and way of life.

Melissa’s inspiration for her art stems from her close upbringing to the sacred sites of Kejimkujik and surrounding areas. She has been painting for over 25 years and continues to study and work with the “Ancient Rock Carvings” of her Ancestors to better understand the ways of her people and the intensity and importance of her culture. Her vision is to continue to create art inspired by these sacred sites that reflect their teachings and teachings of her Ancestors so that she aids in the revival, education and continuing practice of the Mi’kmaq culture.

More recently, Melissa has been taking on the role of promoting and sharing traditional ecological knowledge.

Melissa’s voice has become an echo of her upbringing in her grandfather’s footsteps, as she brings awareness to the disrespect mother earth is feeling, and she promotes the vision that we all must view her as a living being for the sake of our future – our children.

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