Governing Rules

The Governing Rules set forth the policies, procedures and rules by which all participating contingents, as well as the Host Society, will abide by in their preparation and participation in the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG).

These Governing Rules have been established by the NAIG Council to maintain the integrity of the Games and ensure the professional operation of the one week-long event.

The Governing Rules ensure the continuity of the event by outlining processes to be utilized by the NAIG Council, its committees, the Host Society, partners and participating contingents during the planning, delivery and wrap-up of the NAIG.

It is the responsibility of all parties involved in the NAIG to be knowledgeable of, and adhere to these policies and procedures. The NAIG Sport and Technical Committee is responsible for the regular review of this manual and will recommend any changes as required to the NAIG Council for approval. Until such time as those recommendations are reviewed and approved by the Council, the version identified below will serve as the official Governing Rules of NAIG.

The Governing Rules will be enforced by the NAIG Council. Additionally, the Host Society is bound by the NAIG Council Hosting Agreement to enforce these rules on behalf of NAIG Council and to conduct the planning and delivery of the Games in accordance of these Governing Rules.

In order to be considered eligible for participation in the 2020 NAIG Games, agreement and acknowledgement of these Governing Rules is required by the Chef de Mission from every contingent. These rules will be distributed by each contingent’s NAIG Council representative and each representative will ensure that Appendix I is signed by the Chef de Mission and the NAIG Council Rep for their contingent and return to NAIG Council.

The Governing Rules for NAIG 2020 cover the following categories:

  1. Contingent Representation
  2. Contingent Size
  3. Athlete Eligibility
  4. Coaching Eligibility
  5. Criminal Record Check / Background Check
  6. Mission Staff
  7. Participant Registration
  8. Sport Technical Package
  9. Sport Program
  10. Results
  11. Awards
  12. Formal Protest Procedures
  13. Extraordinary Disciplinary Policies
  14. Uniforms
  15. Commercial Marking Rules
  16. Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  17. International Sport Sanctioning
  18. Insurance
  19. Doping Policy
  20. Human Rights (Discrimination) Policy

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